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Provinvial Chapter

Welcome to St.Fidelis Province North India

Year of Foundation: 1996

Evolution of the province: It was one of the missions of the single Indian Capuchin Province of Immaculate Heart till the year 1972. On September 25, 1981 it was erected as a Vice Province by Br Paschal Rywalski, the then General Minister. The vice province was known as St Fidelis North East Vice Province. On April 27, 1996 Br John Corriveau, the then General Minister, inaugurated and raised the vice province of North East to the status of a full fledged independent province.
Statistics: As on 10.02.2017: 26 Friaries: (out of these 16 parishes), 1 Mission, 1 Collaboration with Solidarity of Personnel, 8 Educational Institutions (8 English Medium Schools, 6 Local Medium Primary Schools), 153 Professed Friars (103 Clerics, 2 Lay Friars, 48 Student Friars)
Historical origins of the province: The missions in North India were entrusted to several European and Canadian provinces. Eventually, with the decrease in number of foreign missionaries, the single Indian Capuchin province of Immaculate Heart took care of these missions up to the year 1972. With the division of the single Indian province, Agra-Lucknow Mission was created and it was taken care by the Holy Trinity Province Karnataka. The extension of the missionary presence to Ranchi came about later. In 1981 Agra, Lucknow and Ranchi were constituted as a separate entity and Br Paschal Rywalski, the then General Minister, erected it as a vice province in 1981.
Other important details: On April 27, 1996, Br John Corriveau, the then General Minister, raised the vice province of North East to the status of a full fledged, independent province: St Fidelis Province, North India.
Missions entrusted to the province: New Zealand Mission has been declared officially as the delegation of St. Fidelis Province North India, Lucknow on March 01, 2016, and one priest is working in the General Vice Province of Arabia.
Specific activities: Pastoral, Educational, Prayer/Retreat House, Social work (informal Literary Classes).



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